A LIVING ROOM is the space where a family spends most of its time. Therefore, in order for you to want to return here, you have to feel welcomed… We offer living room furniture in various shapes and colors that can be blended alongside existing furniture or used to create a new interior for your home.


Shelves are becoming an integral part of every home. They are perfect for storing books alongside photos and other memories. Since open shelves are compact and do not take a lot of room, they are saving space around your home.


The newest trend in fashion for fans of the scandinavian design. The furniture does not look over encumbered and melds within the environment. A perfect fit for various interiors.


Veneer furniture that blend into the surroundings of the room. Dark tinted veneer furniture contrasts with light colored walls. Whole wall is covered with cabinets that does not have any handles, therefore it looks like one panel.

Interior designer Jovita Jankauskienė
Photographer Leonas Garbačauskas

Classic interior and mild colors. These living room cabinets are manufactured using a natural oak veneer, while the surfaces are decorated using cornices. The shelving is backless, therefore, provides a view of the fragments on the wall. Cabinets of this type are extremely loved by Scandinavians.


Massive looking furniture with veneer finishes. Dark colors provide a refined look for the furniture.



Light colored minimalistic furniture suites best with light colored walls and heavy curtains. Light colors gives the room intimacy and coziness.

Classic white living room furniture with extremely rich design: shaped legs, curved panels, see through doors and ceramic handles. 



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