Lightly toned, polished MDF surfaces without handles give a warm look and blend well with the rest of the interior. Note subtle contrast created by using stone countertops and a wall. The dining table is attached to the kitchen island in order to enhance the room.

Interior designer Jovita Jankauskienė

Photographer Leonas Garbačiauskas


    2          MODERN KITCHEN

Doors are manufactured using painted MDF board and natural wood veneers. The wood texture goes well alongside glossy, flat painted and white colored doors. The individual look of the kitchen furniture is achieved using contrasting colors.


           3   MODERN KITCHEN

Cooking enthusiasts will enjoy this kitchen which offers plenty of storage space, a large countertop, and practical laminated doors.


         4         MODERN KITCHEN
White matt MDF facades without any handles, simple kitchen layout, and plain colors – latest trends of today


      5           MODERN KITCHEN

Kitchen furniture of minimalistic design for small spaces. Facades made of painted MDF board, contemporary layout, and appliances installed in accordance with the ergonomic requirements. Thought through to the very last detail: no unnecessary parts to distract your attention.



   6         MODERN KITCHEN

The kitchen of an especially welcoming look, with pastel colors and doors coated in glossy paint, decorative, and practical wine storage.


           7              MODERN KITCHEN

Luxurious kitchen furniture manufactured using a natural wood (oak) veneer and painted MDF board. Fluted legs of extraordinary design, cornices, glossy surfaces and integrated lighting all combined together for luxurious look but welcoming homes.


     8      MODERN KITCHEN

Modern kitchen. Perfect for interiors of classic design. Facades coated in glossy paint, milled handles, especially spacious cupboards and open shelves.



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