Distinctive design and catering to the needs of every customer: walk-in closets, wardrobes, hallway furniture and sliding door furniture systems. Our wardrobes are manufactured according to each individual order and the needs of every customer. Therefore, it may vary in shape and their colors can be blended into the existing interior design of your home. Wardrobes are manufactured using various materials, such as: laminated wood particle boards, painted MDF boards, natural veneer or solid wood. This furniture can be equipped with glass and lighting, as well as incorporating various pieces from your decor.



Wardrobe facades are modern and glossy with cut-out handles. The contemporary facade blends perfectly with various interiors. In order to integrate the wardrobe with the existing color tones of your homes, the facades can be painted in various colors.


Minimalist design: the newest trend in fashion. Grey color tones and splats of minimalist design that have been widespread within Scandinavia have made their way into Lithuania.



Classic design furniture, that fits in small spaces, and suites the interior perfectly.

A facade manufactured using laminated boards provides a modern, contemporary and minimalist look. Easily integrated within various spaces.


The wardrobes filling the entire wall are extremely spacious. The minimalist design of the facade makes them non-distinguishable from other furniture and provides an almost blended look within the wall. A perfect solution for people who want their wardrobes to stay invisible.


Walk-in closets are becoming an integral part of the lives of many contemporary people. Perfectly featured spaces equipped with the newest possibilities transform wardrobes into one of the most welcoming corners of your home.


Large corridor wardrobes will fit not only the clothes of hosts but coats and jackets of guests as well. Grey color of furniture is a great accent in white interior.




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